Pure Moroccan oils impact beauty and social change for women

KENZA International Beauty supports social change for Women in the US & Morocco
KENZA International Beauty supports social change for Women in the US & Morocco

Nice to read in this great article: African Oils, Exotic and in Demand
By TATIANA BONCOMPAGNI MARCH 12, 2014 in the The New York Times that many of our natural African beauty treasures are not only making an impact in the beauty industry, but also participating in social change at a global level.

…. “As part of an industrywide shift from chemical formulations to those based on botanical ingredients, many beauty companies are turning to Africa to find buzz-worthy ingredients. Among them are Clarins, which uses katafray, a tree extract from Madagascar, in its Double Serum ($85); Patyka, which added prickly pear oil from Morocco to its Supreme Defense Fluid ($90); and Colbert M.D., which relies on yangu, argan and marula oil for its Illumino Face Oil ($125)”.

….”According to a Nielsen study, the number of American consumers willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies jumped from 36 percent in 2011 to 44 percent in 2013.
“This is not just a fad, this is a global trend,” said James Russo, a senior vice president for global consumer insights at the Nielsen Company”.

Khadija Fajry, Founder & CEO at KENZA International Beauty and a native of Morocco, envisioned the idea that pure beauty can also be generous and proudly offers her KENZA “be generously beautiful” ™ Skin & Hair line with two USDA organic, 100% pure Moroccan beauty oils: Argan oil & Prickly Pear Seed Oil that have been enjoyed by customers worldwide for their skin and hair care. And that are changing social responsibility to impact lives for women not only in Morocco, where women produce these beauty treasures but also in the US by partnering with Women’s foundations in the US to impact social change for deserving women fighting social inequalities, domestic violence and economic challenges.

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Meeting with the women at the cooperative. Meeting with the women at the cooperative.[/caption]

Turning Point for Women and Families
Turning Point for Women and Families

KENZA International Beauty supports Turning Point for Women and Families

Host committee Iftar 2013
The Iftar dinner took place on July 21st, 2013 at Turkuaz restaurant in New York City and it was a great success.Thanks to the great Iftar host committee that pulled it together and the amazing friends that made it happened by being present. We were stunned by the overwhelming response we received. Different faiths were present, different races, different ages and even mayoral candidate John C. Liu came. They all made the effort to come from near and far just to be present on a Sunday night. We shared a lovely iftar dinner together, laughed, were moved by the heartbreaking story of a survivor, the words of a youth member, and the warm and inspiring speech of Robina Niaz.

Like a big family, we were all together standing against domestic violence in New York muslim community. And that is the only way we can all participate in the change we want to see in this world. Together, like a big FAMILY, for a happy, safe, honorable, peaceful, and dignified life for everyone.. Every woman, every man, every child.

Often we believe that we are too small to change anything, don’t have enough to help, or just don’t know how to do it. Just get involved, act, and support a cause that speaks to your heart. Give back: money, skills, time, kind words or just a sincere hug.

Thanks again for your participation, your support and your love for Turning Point for Women and Families. See you next year, Inch’Allah / God willing, in a bigger venue for our growing family.

Turning Point for Women and Families
Turning Point for Women and Families

Turning Point for Women and Families is a grassroots, community-based organization in Queens addressing the needs of Muslim women and children through crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, outreach, education and training, particularly in the area of domestic violence. It offers culturally competent services to respond to the wide gap between needs and programs available to this community.

Here are Simple ways to help:
LIKE Turning Point for Women and Families facebook page

SUPPORT-DONATE: donatenowlogo1_NFG

This year I was part of the Iftar host committee and KENZA International Beauty was honored to donate packages of our KENZA “be generously beautiful”™ skin & hair care line.

We are honored to partner with Turning Point for Women and Families. We will offer all friends of Turning Point a 5% discount on all our products and we will give back 10% or our net profits to stand against domestic violence in New York City.
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KENZA International Beauty is a corporate social enterprise providing Pure Moroccan Beauty Oils and supports social change for women in the US & Morocco.
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