Women entrepreneurs can boost the economy.

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Investing in businesswomen will boost the economy for everyone, says Tory Burch, chief executive and designer, Tory Burch
Nov 18th 2013 |From The World In 2014 print edition

This is an excellent article by Tory Burch that strongly resonate with me.

A brief summary:

Women entrepreneurs see the world through a different lense and, in turn, do things differently.

Yet they face a huge equality gap: while they own almost 30% of American firms, they employ only 6% of the workforce, and account for barely 4% of business revenues.

Narrowing the gender gap in employment would increase global income per person by as much as 20% by 2030.

The Tory Burch Foundation supports the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs. It sees three top priorities for women entrepreneurs:

– access to capital
– mentoring and support
– entrepreneural education