Sourcing the best Rose Oil in Morocco

Sourcing the best Rose Oil in Morocco

Every year in May, the town of Kalaat M’Gouna, Morocco (located 59 miles Northeast of Ouarzazate) celebrates roses with a seven-day festival (fair, concerts, and Miss Rose pageant).

Festival des Roses Kelaat M’Gouna Morocco 2018
©KENZA International Beauty

Festival des Roses – May 2018
Kelaat M’Gouna Morocco 2018
©KENZA International Beauty

Kelaat M’Gouna -Festival des Roses Morocco 2018
©KENZA International Beauty

Khadija Fajry at Festival des Roses Kelaat M’Gouna Morocco 2018
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During this event, the town population grows twenty-fold when people from all over the world arrive to “discover its beauty and its rose products that range from perfume, rose water, essential oil, to cosmetic products.”

Although Kalaat M’Gouna is in the desert, it has a lush green oasis thanks to the Draa River that flows from the High Atlas mountains and it is Morocco’s longest. The road through the Atlas mountains {Tiz N’Tichka} from Marrakech to Ouarzazate is the most picturesque but can be annoying if you are sensitive to too many roads turns.

The road through the Atlas mountains to Ouarzazate Morocco

Green valley of Roses in the desert.
Kelaat M’Gouna Morocco 2018
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Did you know that rosewater hydrosol is produced while the rose essential oil is distilled? Therefore rosewater has molecules similar to those of Rose oil Otto that gives it amazing benefits for skin and hair.

KENZA Rose Toner

The rose Damascena (also known as the Damask rose) is harvested during the second week of May for the production of rose oil and rose hydrosol floral water.

Rose Damascena Maroc
Kelaat M’Gouna Morocco 2018
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“The flowers are renowned for their fine fragrance, and are commercially harvested for rose oil (either “rose Otto” or “rose Absolute”) used in perfumery and to make rose water.” Rose Otto has been used since ancient times and it is the more expensive of the two types of oils because it is usually extracted by gentle steam distillation from the Damask rose (e.g. Rose Maroc). Rose Absolute, instead, is produced by solvent extraction, is more viscous than rose Otto.

I fell in love with Rose Oil at an international fair in Casablanca in 2013.

Casablanca, Morocco 2013
©KENZA International Beauty

I knew then it was the real essential oil that was presented to me in a dark glass tiny vial kept in a treasure box. And I have seen in Morocco fake “rose oil” sold in clear large glass bottles, displayed openly on shelves in bright daylight, and at a ridiculously cheap price.

Real Rose Oil Otto at the source.
Kelaat M’Gouna Morocco 2018
©KENZA International Beauty

Sourcing the best natural ingredients for the KENZA International Business beauty line can be a difficult task that sometimes last years. But perseverance paid off when I met Mohamed at his headquarters in the “valley of the roses” in Kalaat M’Gouna.

I was offered a delicious Moroccan Rose tea upon arriving at the cooperative which is the traditional welcoming ceremony for guests in Morocco but usually, it is Mint tea.

Drinking Rose Tea made with organic dry rose flowers (dried in the distillery) was very soothing and calming especially after my road trip to get there.

Let’s talk about what makes this family own small rose cooperative very unique in Kelaat M’Gouna. I visited roses plantations before where roses plants were planted around other crops (vegetables, wheat, and fruits) to fence them in.

Roses plants as fences in the fields.
Kelaat M’Gouna Morocco 2018
©KENZA International Beauty
That’s because farmers didn’t give a value of planting rows of roses.
Berber women collecting roses in the fields.
Kelaat M’Gouna Morocco 2018
©KENZA International Beauty

In the Roses plantation.
Kelaat M’Gouna Morocco 2018
©KENZA International Beauty

When Mohamed’s father began to plant roses in this region, everyone thought he was crazy for planting hectares of only roses.
Nevertheless, Mohamed’s father harvested tons of rose petals and sold them to the main distillery in town.
Not only this method makes it easier for women to collect the flowers by having the crops in one area, but it also makes it more productive and efficient.

Thanks to his father, Mohamed is today the proud owner of a 40+ hectares rose plantation, a distillery, and his own line of beauty products – organic rose essential oil and rose hydrosol – certified by EcoCert, USDA Organic, and BIO by Agriculture Biologique (Europe).

Did you know that in Kelaat M’Gouna they use the Springwater of the Draa river for the steam distillation process?

Learn more about how essential oils are steam distilled

I was honored to receive the “private tour” of his fields and distillery {watch the video above} and to observe how Moroccan women handpick rose flowers when they bloom in the early morning. Each woman carries a burlap bag in which she collects the rose flowers that are weighed at the end of the day.

Did you know that about 4000 tonnes of Roses produce a liter of rose oil Otto? That’s why it is one of the most expensive beauty oil (more than Prickly Pear Seed Oil)

KENZA International Beauty is proud to source a certified and high-quality Rose Otto oil and Rose water hydrosol from Mohamed’s plantation.

KENZA Rose Oil Otto
©KENZA International Beauty
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We are proud to offer you natural beauty products formulated with the highest and purest ingredients.

Did you know, for example, that our KENZA Rose Argan Flower Milk Face Wash and Body Wash are formulated with organic Rosewater hydrosol as a base instead of plain water? How luxurious is that!

The combination of Rosewater, Rose Oil and Argan oil give these cleansing products a rich natural perfume that will transport you to the valley of roses every time you wash with these unique liquid soaps.

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