1. I received these lovely KENZA products as a gift from the founder of the company Khadija Fajry. I was so happy to learn of their pure nature and her intent to support the lives of the Moroccan ladies who produce them by hand, as well as several woman’s foundations here in the United States. Right at once I recognized that the KENZA soap is particularly soft and creamy. In fact it smells so delightful that I have placed sample bars around my home and in my closet ! I now look forward to enjoying their fragrance each time I return home ! The KENZA Pure Argan oil is truly precious and leaves my skin soft, supple and glowing. I know it is packed with nutrients and life enhancing qualities. On top of that after applying the prickly pear seed oil for a little over two months the skin damage that I had on my decollete for over 20 years has healed considerably. This is like a small miracle as the redness and deep wrinkles that were there before have almost disappeared ! I am so grateful to know Khadija and to have been introduced to the wonder of her products. I recommend them highly to all people who would like an extra glow, healthy hair and skin and happiness in knowing that with each purchase they are supporting well-intentioned people and an environmentally sustainable product.

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